“Digi-Cast” is the world first image-based sequential scanner system 4D View
Solutions' (i.e. “4D Views”) studio in Ryogoku, Japan!

Digi-Cast is helping 4D Views, a company coming from the French top national
research institute INRIA for its development, and is at the cutting edge of the
image-based technics.

The studio is equipped with a very latest system of 48 cameras to provide
customers a demonstration of the best environment quality.

Digi-Cast is starting a whole new business of sequential scanning.

The 4D Views' system concept is the following: subjects captured by the
cameras have their silhouettes extracted allowing a 3D mesh reconstruction.

Then the camera's videos are used to bind a high quality texture on this mesh.

4D Views' data can be used in a wide range of domain, from VR, AR, MR con-
tents, to movie for crowd scenes or digital double uses, but also in ergonomic
and medical researches.

The optimal capture space for the best quality is a volume of 3m x 3m x 3m for a maximum two actors, but the studio's setup can be arranged to capture different requirement. The studio is equipped with a making room, shower and a staff space to make your capture session the most pleasant as possible.